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Very pleased with the quality of work, manner and general conduct of the operative from P&R who attended to the repair on my toilet yesterday.

Mrs Wroe

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I am very pleased with the quality of work, manner and general conduct of the operative from P&R who attended to the repair on my toilet yesterday.
Mrs Wroe

I just wanted to say how happy I am with the service I received from P&R today. The gentleman that came out was very polite and helpful, plus he located the leak straight away, where others had failed (previous defect company). I did not catch the engineer’s name, but wanted to pass on that I’m very happy with the service carried out.
Mrs. Poynter

I want to say thank you once again for the service I received from yourself and company representative Hai, when he came to my home on 30th June 2010 and his return, today 1st July 2010. Please pass on my wife's and my gratitude and thanks to him for sorting out our bathroom tap situation.

Everything is working well and I am very satisfied with the work that was done. Your installation engineers were extremely efficient and worked contentiously throughout the day. They were very considerate of my home and left no trace of work having been carried out. Unfortunately I was unwell at the time and they carried on without troubling me in the slightest.

To my shame, when they left, I realised I had not offered them a drink all day and for this I would like you to send them my apologies.

Janet Priestnall

I would just like to say how impressed I am with your service, my father (79) is a London and Quadrant tenant and we had a heating fault just before xmas, Stangas (previous contractor) attended, freed a stuck fan within minutes and left, all over xmas we had the same noise. Called Stangas last week to be told they no longer had the contract, spoke to L and Q, they contacted you. Made an appointment for yesterday morning, your engineer arrived, was polite and efficient, worked for a while and left telling my dad that all should be ok now but any problems to let you know.

I work for United House at Swanley and we have the heating contracts with Islington and Camden council providing the same services as you, having worked here 7 years I appreciate the service we received from your company yesterday.

Tina Farmer

Just to let you know about the P&R fitters that visited us on Monday. Unfortunately I can’t remember the lads’ names but I’m sure you know who they were.

From the time they arrived at around 9am, to when they left just after 5pm their attitude was brilliant.

Despite all the problems our dodgy heating system presented them, they didn’t leave site until they knew why the rads weren’t working downstairs. This meant that at 4.50pm they were still working really hard lifting carpets and floorboards to expose the 15mm pipes and confirm their diagnosis.

During the day they explained at each stage what they were doing and why, using words and terms that even I understood. I found this very reassuring especially after the Wilgar experience.

I deal with complaints on a daily basis and know how quick people are to moan about minor things. Your lads were polite, thorough, professional, left the house clean and tidy, and are a credit to your company.

Martin Hopkinson